Our Testimonials


Here’s what some of our customers have to say.
Thanks for Sunday Erica. Once again, the magician was a big hit. Take care and hope you had a great vacation and you got some rest. Take care.CarmieHi Erica. I’d like to thank Sally for my daughter’s birthday. The girls enjoyed themselves.TizianaHey! You did our henna on Canada day! We were three girls! Remember? I’d like to thank you for everything you organized for the RBC Xmas party, for our clients and their kids. MichelThank you so much for making my daughter’s dream come true! Her teacher called me today and told me it’s all she talks about at school. Her party was two months ago!Annie
Erica, your face painters were fabulous… Definitely the best face painting I’ve ever seen!RosieHighly recommended!JuliaHey, I had a really fun time at the party hope you do other things like this.TaniaMerci pour le maquillage. C’était magnifique! Mon fils a dit que c’était la plus belle fête.Suzanne
Hi Erica, Just wanted to thank you for doing a great job with all of your entertainment package. You were right on with the magician. He was amazing and he held everyone’s attention, young and older :) Looking forward to a repeat booking next year, and who knows… maybe sooner. It was nice meeting you. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Kindest regards.CarmieThank-you once again Erica for your incredible talent (face painting) and your bubbly personality towards the children at my daughter’s birthday party this past weekend! Your work and your presence made the day even more memorable. Thank-you!SoniaThank you so much for the art work, you are great and hope you have a great summer. the candy station girl and the chocolate lady, I hope we can work together once I get back from Italy, I will surely call you, take care. God bless you!JuliaGREAT Halloween PARTY Erica! Both my kids (5 & 9yr old) loved it. I would DEFINITELY be interested if you organized other parties. Thanks for a fun Sunday with my kids.Tania