Reptile Show & Mobile Reptile Parties in Montreal

Reptile Show & Reptile Parties

Our mobile reptile parties include an instructional reptile show & interactive demonstrations!
The mobile reptile show is the perfect surprise for the curious and courageous birthday boy or girl. Our coordinators bring an interesting mobile reptile party to your event location – even if it’s in your own home! The reptile expert not only presents the amazing creatures to the audience, he or she also discusses fun facts and supervises the children as they hold and interact with the reptiles.

Our coordinators know that some of the audience members might not be too keen on some of these slimy-looking creatures, which is why they are experts at making everyone attending the reptile show feel comfortable.

The reptile show includes appearances by Alli the alligator, Lizzy the lizard, Francis the frog, Sally the salamander, Tanya the tarantula, Sammy the scorpion, Gary the geico & Peter the python!

The reptile show is available throughout Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

1 hour Reptile Show
We bring 12 Reptile friends to you!
Special Surprise for the Birthday Boy/ Girl
Fun & Educational
Focus on Safety & Cleanliness