Pizza Workshop & Pizza Party for Kids

Pizza Party for Kids

Our pizza party for kids is an interactive workshop that gets kids to assemble, bake and eat their own mini pizzas.
Our kids’ pizza party workshop is the perfect recipe for a wonderful birthday. We come to your event location with pizza-making ingredients and lead a fun-filled workshop with music and entertainment. Our pizza party for kids isn’t only fun but delicious! Our pizza is created with traditional Italian-made crust and fun toppings. Our coordinators setup the table at your party location to look like a traditional Italian pizzeria.

The pizza party service includes mini chef hats, aprons and a ball of dough for each child. The table is set up with various garnishes and toppings. In addition to the cheese and tomato sauce, pizza party toppings include vegetables & pepperoni.

A pizza party for kids is a fun and engaging way to get them familiar with the workings of a kitchen, while giving them an outlet to be creative by making something they can call their own.

While kids are waiting for their pizzas to finish, our coordinator entertains them with fun activities.

The pizza party for kids is also great for schools and daycares—especially during lunchtime programs!

Our kids’ pizza party workshop is available throughout Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Chef’s Hats & Aprons Provided
Fun & Creative
Toppings & Garnish Provided
Gluten-Free Available