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Make your own Decorations!

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Bring the wonderful world of animals and insects in to your child’s room with this beautiful work of art.

 What you’ll need:

– Different sized Canvas (this particular example calls for 8)
– 8 different plastic creatures
-paint brush
– 8 colours of acrylic paint
-craft glue
-adhesive (found: here)

  •  Paint the canvas’ a solid colour using the acrylic paint. Let Dry.
  •  Paint the different creates in the color of your choice (or simply buy them in that colour).
  •  Once the creatures are dry paint them with craft glue and sprinkle with glitter.
  •  After an hour of drying shake off excess glitter on to tracing paper or parchment paper.
  •  Add another layer of glue to areas with little to no glitter. Sprinkle glitter once more and let dry.
  •  Coat the dried creatures with hairspray to keep glitter and sheen in tact.
  •  Use the strong adhesive glue to stick creatures on to a canvas.
  •  Hang and Enjoy




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