Make a T-Shirt Workshop for Kids in Montreal

Make a T-Shirt Workshop for Kids

Our make a t-shirt workshop gives kids an outlet to express their creativity!
Our make a t-shirt party is a great way for kids to explore their creativity and showcase their work. One white t-shirt is provided per child, along with a design or colouring page of their choice. After colouring in the image, the printing technician transfers it onto the t-shirt and gives each child their completed t-shirt before leaving the party. Our make a t-shirt workshop is great for at-home birthday parties — the birthday girl or boy even receives a special t-shirt birthday surprise!Our workshops’ t-shirts come in various sizes and are customizable to your party’s theme.

The make a t-shirt workshop is available throughout Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Quality T-Shirts
All Shirt Sizes & Printing Available
Fun, Hands-on and Creative Activity
Special Gift for Birthday Boy/Girl
Doubles as a Party Favour