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Homemade All Natural & Chemical-Free Cleaner!

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Did you know that vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent and disinfectant? Vinegar can be used to clean counters, table tops, dishes, windows and other surfaces. Moreover, here is a simple way to make this cleanser smell Oh-So-FRESH!

What you’ll need:

1  16 ounce tight sealed canning jar
2   Oranges (Only the peel …feel free to let your children eat the insides)
Vinegar (fill the jar)

Fill up your jar with the orange peels and pour in the vinegar to the top.

Seal the lid tightly and store in your cupboard for 2 weeks. Once, two weeks has passed transfer the FRESH SMELLING vinegar in to a spray bottle. ENJOY!!!

Warning: you might find yourself delighting in your child’s mess or looking for reasons to use your new all natural cleanser!


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