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Healthy Watermelon Cake!

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1 watermelon

1 cup whipping cream (3% M.F)

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

large mixing bowl

electric mixer with whisk attachment

fruits & toppings of your choice


1- Cut watermelon as seen below
2- Prepare and cut fruits & toppings
3- Chill mixing bowl and whisk attachment before making whipped cream. Whipped cream melts when it gets warm.

Add whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract in a large chilled mixing bowl and whisk on high until cream begins to thicken (roughly 2 minutes).

Continue whisking on high until cream forms stiff peaks when whisk is removed.

When the whipped cream is made the clock is ticking; covering the watermelon and adding the fruit should be done quickly, but carefully





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