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Great Gift Wrapping Supply Storage Idea

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Create and design your own gift-wrapping station using a shoebox!

This is a great way to store your craft supplies and decorate holiday gifts.

What you’ll need:

-Shoe or boot box with its cover
-Gift wrapping scraps or magazine cutouts
-Glue or tape
– Wooden dowel (width 3/8 in and length should be 2 inches longer that the width of the box)
-Rubber bands

1-     Decorate the outside of your box (You can get one of your little elves to complete this task)
2-     Make matching holes on opposite sides of the box to fit the wooden dowel (For Adults only). Put the dowel through one hole and push halfway through the box. Slide on wheels of decorating ribbon on to the wooden dowel and push it the remainder of the way out of the second hole.
3-     Wrap rubber bands on the outside ends of the wooden dowel to keep it from passing back through the holes.
4-     If desired create holes in the front of the box and stream the ribbons through the holes.


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