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Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas: Spiders!

Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas: Spiders!

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This creepy crawly craft is thrilling and easy to make! A great idea is pairing this craft with our Erica Samm Entertainment Reptile Show, perfect for  courageous and curious children.

What you’ll Need:

1. Small Pony Beads (Black and Orange)
2. Pipe Cleaners (Black and Orange)


1. For each spider, gather four pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body.

2. Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider’s legs.

3. Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and push them up close to the body. Then bend each leg an inch from the body and slide a couple more beads up to the joint. Bend the legs again to create a second set of joints about 1 1/2 inches from first and slide on the final pairs of beads.




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