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Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas – Mister Recycle Head Man

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Mr. Recycle Head Man is a great craft idea for Earth Day or teaching your children about re-purposing & recycling!

Use a screw and hammer to puncture 3 holes at the bottom of the can.

The holes can be used to add old Mr. Potatoe shoes. Also, the holes allow the water to drain whe your children are  ‘washing’ Mr. Recycle Man’s hair.

Next, bring out all the materials laying around your house that can be used for this craft such as: paper, empty toilet paper roles, bread clips, close pins, pipe cleaners, elastics, tape, sharpies etc.

Once you have hot-glued the recycled materials as per your child’s orders, you are now prepared to cut out wheat grass for Mr. Recycle Head Man’s hair!




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