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Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas – Butterfly Pencil

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Check out this great easy craft idea. This small art piece can hold pencils or a lollipop. Simply decorate your children’s pencils or give lollipops to all their classmates for Valentines Day.

Here’s what you need:

acrylic paint in several colors
paint brush
lollipops or pencils
google eyes
bone folder or butter knife

Here’s how we made ours:

1. fold the cardstock in half.
2. put dots of paint on one side.
3. fold in half and squish paint around (the more, the better).
Erica-Samm-Blog (51)
4. Cut out a butterfly shape and use that as a tracing template.
Erica-Samm-Blog (52)
5. once the paint is dry, fold the cardstock in half and trace the butterfly on the folded side.
6. cut out your butterfly shape.
Erica-Samm-Blog (53)
7. cut two small slits where the lollipop or pencil will go.
8. make a score mark with a bone folder (or butter knife) between the two cut marks and parallel to the fold. I drew a line in pencil only so you could see it.
9. use your bone folder to push in that rectangle.
Erica-Samm-Blog (54)
10. stick your google eyes onto your lollipop (you may want to glue yours).
11. slide the lollipop into the wings.
Erica-Samm-Blog (55)

here’s what it looks like from the side
Erica-Samm-Blog (56)

Erica-Samm-Blog (57)



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