At-Home Candle Making & Candle Workshop

Candle Making Workshop for Kids

Our Candle Making workshop is a fun activity & party favour rolled in to one!
Introduce kids to candle making with our candle workshop great for birthdays and at-home parties. Our candle workshop helps kids understand how candles are made, while allowing them to be creative and crafty. Their wonderful creations also doubles as an excellent party favour.Our candle-making workshop is a fun project that is great for kids of all ages. The workshop gives kids the opportunity to create something they can use, or give away as a gift. The candles make perfect gifts for teachers, parents, and grandparents.The hands-on workshop also introduces kids to a new hobby they can refine and perfect over a lifetime. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, our candle-making workshop for kids is customizable to your needs and event. If you’re hosting a party with a particular theme, the candle workshop can be tailored to your specifications.Our candle-making workshop for kids is available throughout Montreal, Laval and surround areas.

Why Choose Us?

Doubles as a Party Favour
A Fun & Engaging Activity
Experienced Child Entertainers
Can Be Tailored to Your Event