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Face Painting : Face painting is fun and creative way to transform your little guests into whatever their imagination desires. Arts and Crafts: Our arts and crafts activities give kids the opportunity to create something they can be proud of. Cotton Candy: Give your guests a delicious cotton candy treat at your next at-home party or corporate event. Magic Shows: Our magician delivers a high-energy magic show featuring illusions, fireworks and live animals. Hire a Superhero: Our talented superhero impersonators deliver interactive shows as Spiderman, Batman and Ironman.

We specialize in Kids’ Entertainment and we offer many services for at-home birthday parties for kids! Servicing the Greater Montreal area, including Laval.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Erica Samm Entertainment where magical & practical meet! Whether you are planning  a birthday party in your home or a corporate event with children, we have something for you! View our list of services to put together a party package today!


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